OPTAVIA vs Keto - Is OTAVIA a Keto Diet?

OPTAVIA vs Keto Diet

Figure out which weight loss diet is the one for you by comparing OPTAVIA vs Keto!

In the article, we're going to work to answer the following questions:

  1. The convenience of OPTAVIA vs Keto

OPTAVIA is a winner in terms of convenience! Once you have selected an ideal diet plan, you can have the prepackaged meals delivered to your doorstep. There is the facility to order a pre-assembled kit or a customized one per individual preference.
The range of shakes, meals, & treats is wide-ranging, and they can be opened and prepared like instant food. The meals are packed considering calories, nutrients, carbs, and healthy fats, making it quick and easy to stick to the diet even during a busy schedule. OPTAVIA diet followers need to prepare their lean and green meals once daily.

On the other hand, all the meals need to be prepared on the Keto diet. The advantage of this is you are consuming unprocessed food. The disadvantage is that measuring the calories, fat content, carbs, protein, and nutrients for every meal can be pretty challenging when choosing between OPTAVIA vs Keto!

  1. OPTAVIA Diet Cost

OPTAVIA optimal weight 5 in 1 plan is a plan-based weight loss program that needs to be subscribed to by anyone interested. Choosing between any three plans can cost around $400 - $450 per month. The price does include a specialized personal health coach who will offer exceptional guidance regarding how to follow the diet and achieve the desired weight goal successfully. OPTAVIA Coaches are considered vital to an individual's overall program success.

The ketogenic diet is much more flexible when it comes to price! Shopping for food items smartly can save a good amount of money in this case. For instance, opting for standard items instead of grass-fed or organic ones is one way. Choosing seasonal non-starchy vegetables, keto bread Walmart offers and buying inexpensive meat cuts in place of rib eye or pork chops can make dieting budget-friendly.

  1. Weight Loss System

OPTAVIA is a low-calorie diet that is an effective way to lose weight. When our body doesn’t receive excessive calories, it begins to function by burning the body fat. Therefore, reducing the per day calorie intake to within 700-1500 (depending on a person’s build) and exercising regularly can quickly lose unwanted fat.

The Keto diet has an entirely different approach to weight loss. It is a high-fat diet with a meager amount of carbohydrates, and it alters the body into a ketosis state where it runs on ketones rather than carbohydrates.

  1. OPTAVIA vs Keto

Although highly convenient, the OPTAVIA optimal weight 5 and 1 plan can at times feel restrictive. The low-calorie meals can feel repetitive when deciding to continue the diet for multiple months. On the contrary, in the OPTAVIA vs. keto battle, keto alters the diet drastically and can shock beginners' bodies. It is excellent for those who are not dependent on carbs and can have ample amounts of cheese, butter, and fatty ingredients.

  1. Is OPTAVIA Keto

In short, no OPTAVIA is not a keto diet. While there are some similarities, OPTAVIA has a greatly reduced daily fat intake and will have higher carbs. A typical daily carb intake on OPTAVIA is 60-80 grams and on Keto, that number should be no higher than 50g per day.

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