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Did you know that shrimp is the shellfish consumed more than any other?

That is because shrimp is nutrient-rich and is extremely low calorie. Shrimp also has much higher portions of nutritional content, like iodine, that you won't find in other foods.

Shrimp's nutritional makeup is extremely impressive.

For starters, shrimp is low-calorie containing no more than 84 calories in a 3 oz portion. Couple that with the fact that protein makes up 90% of the caloric profile and contains no carbohydrates, and you've got a low-fat, protein-rich superfood!

Shrimp Nutritional Information:

  • Calories: 84 (per 3 oz serving)
  • Protein: 18 grams
  • Selenium: 48% of the recommended daily intake
  • Vitamin B12: 21% of the recommended daily intake
  • Iron: 15% of the recommended daily intake
  • Phosphorus: 12% of the recommended daily intake
  • Niacin: 11% of the recommended daily intake
  • Zinc: 9% of the recommended daily intake
  • Magnesium: 7% of the recommended daily intake

Another great benefit of eating shrimp on a keto diet is that it is high in iodine. Iodine is a vital mineral for the proper function of the thyroid and overall brain health; however, most individuals suffer from an inadequate amount of iodine, so adding shrimp is a great way to combat that deficiency.

Looking to add omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 to your diet? Adding shrimp to your diet is a great way to begin increasing your overall antioxidants benefits to your health.

Let’s shed some light on how keto shrimp recipes aid in losing weight successfully!

A Bit on Keto Diet & How Shrimp Fits In

The Ketogenic diet focuses on a food plan that is high in fat, low in carbohydrate, and includes a moderate amount of protein! Seafood being naturally low in carb content and rich in protein is considered a keto-friendly ingredient. Furthermore, seafood contains health benefiting omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids too. 

As goes for any shellfish, shrimp & crabs are ideal for keto meals as they do not contain carbohydrates. Additionally, shrimps are low in calories while being loaded with energizing B vitamins, selenium, & Vitamin D. 

Speaking of nutrition content, 4 large-sized shrimps contain only 30 calories, 6 g of protein, & minimal fat! That's a great leaner option for your daily lean and green meal!

Why Keto Shrimp recipes at all?

When on diet, a smart combination of ingredients can result in a delicious weight-loss meal! Shrimp is a low-calorie carb-free lean protein that is a favorite among the masses. It is one such core ingredient that pairs well with a diverse array of sauces, seasonings, and cuisines. The bonus is that it cooks quickly when compared to other protein sources.

The subtle taste and meaty texture of shrimp allow it to absorb the flavors while cooking! Thus, you have the freedom to fuse low-calorie spicy, sweet, lemony, tomato, or creamy sauces to prepare your keto shrimp dishes delectably! 

Some scrumptious keto shrimp recipes include- sheet pan shrimp scampi, chicken and shrimp gumbo, shrimp & cauliflower grits, shrimp fried cauli rice, shrimp & mushroom curry, & blackened shrimp lettuce wraps.

Tricks to Prepare & Pair Shrimp 

Since shrimp cooks within minutes, it is easy to enjoy home-cooked healthy meals even on busy days, and trim the waistline quickly. When preparing keto-friendly shrimp recipes, high-heat cooking techniques such as grilling and baking are better choices than deep-frying! Those who prefer soft-textured shrimp should stick to broiling or steaming methods.

Pairing the shrimp dish with appropriate sides and switching some ingredients can help immensely in the weight loss journey! You may serve the classic shrimp scampi with zucchini noodles or summer squash noodles instead of the high carb pasta or linguine noodles. Fresh salads tossed in low-calorie dressing and sautéed veggies make great nutrient-rich sides.

Shrimp: Health Benefits

Shrimp is an excellent lean protein shellfish to enjoy when hunger pangs strike in but you are trying to shed weight. Shrimp recipes are good picks for quick weekday lunches and dinners as it keeps you full for a long duration. 

Shrimp aids in boosting CCK hormone which curbs appetite and prevents overeating. Additionally, the protein present in shrimps heightens the body’s metabolism which is highly advantageous for weight management. 

Thus, all the above factors come together to make Keto Shrimp Recipes a perfect weight loss hack!   

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