Is Truly keto friendly? Everything You Should Know about the Hard Seltzer

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest beverage trends, you’ve probably heard of hard seltzers. These sparkling, refreshing drinks have been gaining popularity among health enthusiasts and keto followers alike. But how do they fit into a keto diet? In this post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of hard seltzers, with a particular focus on Truly, one of the most talked-about brands. So let’s dive in and find out if Truly is truly keto-friendly!

Understanding the Keto Diet

Before we dive into the specifics of hard seltzers, let’s take a moment to recap the basics of the ketogenic diet. The keto diet involves minimizing carbohydrate intake and consuming moderate amounts of protein and high amounts of healthy fats. By doing so, our bodies enter a state of ketosis, where they burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. It’s a fascinating metabolic process that has gained recognition for its potential benefits in weight loss and improved energy levels.

Hard Seltzer Explained

So what exactly is a hard seltzer? Well, it’s a sparkling alcoholic beverage that typically comprises carbonated water, alcohol, and flavorings. What sets hard seltzers apart from traditional alcoholic drinks is their lower calorie and sugar content. They have become incredibly popular because they offer a light and refreshing alternative to beer or cocktails. But do they align with the principles of a keto diet?

The Carbohydrate Content

Carbohydrate content plays a crucial role in determining the keto-friendliness of any food or drink. When it comes to hard seltzers, the carbohydrate content can vary significantly between brands. Some may contain as little as 1 gram of net carbs per serving, making them suitable for keto, while others can have 5 grams or more. These variations can impact your ability to stay in ketosis, so it’s essential to read labels and choose wisely.

Alcohol and Ketosis

While we’re on the topic of ketosis, it’s worth exploring how alcohol consumption can affect it. When we drink alcohol, our bodies prioritize its metabolism over other fuel sources, like fat. This means that while our bodies are breaking down alcohol, they’re not effectively burning fat for energy. Additionally, alcohol can be considered “empty calories” since it lacks essential nutrients. These factors can slow down weight loss and make it more challenging to stay in ketosis.

Is Truly Keto-Friendly?

Now let’s focus on Truly, one of the most popular hard seltzer brands on the market. Many health enthusiasts wonder if Truly is truly keto-friendly. According to their nutritional information, most Truly flavors contain around 2 grams of net carbs per serving, making them suitable for a keto diet in moderation. However, some flavors may have slightly higher carb counts. When enjoying Truly, it’s essential to keep track of your overall carbohydrate intake and adjust accordingly.

Other Keto-Friendly Hard Seltzer Options

If you’re looking for alternative hard seltzer brands and flavors that are more tailored to the keto diet, we’ve got you covered. There are several options available that contain fewer carbs and sugar. Brands like White Claw, Bon & Viv, and Corona Refresca offer lower-carb alternatives, with some flavors containing as little as 1 gram of net carbs. Additionally, consider the use of artificial sweeteners and additives in these drinks and choose brands that align with your preferences and dietary needs.


Navigating the world of hard seltzers while following a keto diet doesn’t have to be daunting. By understanding the carbohydrate content and being mindful of alcohol consumption, you can make informed choices that align with your dietary goals. Whether you opt for Truly or explore other low-carb options, remember to enjoy these beverages in moderation and prioritize your overall health. Cheers to finding the best keto-friendly drink options and staying in ketosis while sipping on a delicious hard seltzer!

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