Can You Eat Bananas on Keto

Are bananas keto safe or are bananas keto friendly?

Ah yes, the old can you eat bananas on keto question. The answer is sure you can eat bananas whenever you want, but if you're looking to stick to your weight loss goals while on a ketogenic diet or low carb diets, then eating bananas on keto likely isn't for you. Let's look at a few reasons we think you should avoid eating bananas if you're on the keto diet.

According to the USDA, Can You Eat Bananas on Keto?

The USDA states that one tiny banana contains more than 20 g of net carbohydrates, and medium banana even more than that, which means you could eat your whole carb intake in one banana. The USDA encourages folks on a low-carb diet to stay away from bananas, especially at first and when they're trying to lose weight. You could undoubtedly eat bananas on occasion if you like, but you would be boosting your bananas keto carb intake. As a result, it's not recommended to eat bananas on the keto diet.

If you can't have bananas on keto, what would you eat?

If you're looking for a sweeter fruit, berries are a low-carb option you could consider. However, since fruits are inherently higher in carbohydrates, you must limit your intake. Raspberries are high in fiber and make an excellent snack. For example, a 14 cup of raspberries has 1.7 grams of net carbohydrates.

How many carbs in one banana? & How many carbs do bananas have?

In one medium banana there is anywhere from 20-27 g of net carbs which will likely too many carbs and will blow your days carb intake.

Will eating bananas take you out of ketosis?

As we said earlier, a small banana contains around 20 grams of net carbs; you're likely to be taken out of ketosis by eating just one banana. We would recommend that you don't incorporate bananas into your diet until you hit your weight loss goals.

I thought bananas were healthy; why can't I eat them while doing keto?

Bananas have a ton of vitamins and are a very healthy part of a regular diet; however, if weight loss is the primary goal of your current healthy eating habits, they're likely doing more harm than good. Instead of bananas, focus on nutrient-rich vegetables like broccoli, leafy lettuce, low carb vegetables and other nutritional healthy fats.

So to answer, is banana keto friendly or are banannas keto? The answer there is due to the high sugar amount, and excessive carbohydrate intake, the answer to is banana keto approved would be no. Remember with keto you're looking for high protein, high fat foods and low carbs instead.

What are some good low carb banana substitutes? 

If you're still struggling with is banana keyo, they here are a couple of low carb banana substitutes to consider: raspberries or blueberries are better options.


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